5 Things to Know About Property Investment in Bahria town Karachi

Bahria Town is the hub of investment opportunities at the top in the property market of Karachi city since it was launched. Investment in Bahria Town Karachi is widely considered as a wise move, especially among the investors.

Those who want to keep their property and take it as an asset, not a liability are eager to invest in Bahria Town Karachi.

Most of the properties are traded on a regular basis in its various subtypes.

Currently, it has taken shape as a buyers’ favorite market with countless options for residential plots, built properties, flats and etc.

But it is never an easy selection from the wide range of options available. Either you are looking for a plot or ready-to-live property, some valuable instructions and tips can refine the process.

This is not at all about your investment budget and it is expected that only ROI is involved in the selection of the property.

We have arranged some of the best tips on 5 things you should know before investing in Bahria Town Karachi.

Avoid high-grade plots

Typically buyers want to get a premium location property like the one positioned on the roadside or on the corner. These are called category plots and are available at a relatively high price because the seller paid an additional fee at the time of launch.

If you are willing to buy a good location plot/property, then prefer near the park and semi corner instead of a category plot. It will be equally beneficial for you in terms of return on investment but it will reduce the cost.

Do not hesitate to open east or west (built assets)

When purchasing properties built in Bahria Karachi, buyers are confused as to what to choose between pre-open or west-open properties.

Properties including flats, houses, and villas have been constructed in Bahria Town Karachi to ensure proper ventilation. You should not leave a good chance in the case of East-open and West-open. Both these options are equally good for the purpose.

Long-term investment option for high ROI

If you are really looking for a good profit margin in Bahria Town Karachi, then go for long term investment.

This developing community is more suitable for long term investment. You must have the ability to mature your investment (wait until the payment/installment plan is completed).

Avoiding overdue for short term investment

Many buyers are inclined towards short-term investment and consequently, buy property in bulk.

These investors are advised to avoid overbuying as it may end up in considerable losses rather than short-term gains.

Most buyers are either not aware of these points or deliberately ignore it and only inquire about rates.

To make a good selection, one has to remember all these points to invest in Bahria Town Karachi

Do the proper research and stay informed

All buyers should have sufficient knowledge about the project they are going to invest in.

Before buying a property in Bahria Town Karachi, customers should do proper research about the project.

This will help them a lot and will make their property search work a little easier.


Bahria is not only limited to building residential societies, but it also aims to handle the commercial sector. When we talk about society, we cannot just consider home, a power station to run electricity behind the house, a supermarket to carry out housing plans, a security system and many more.

Currently, Bahria is occupied by building towers, the Bahria Icon Tower, a 62-story building, will be the tallest building in Pakistan. Inaugurated on January 23, 2016, the Icon Tower is a multi-purpose commercial building that provides ample scope to create a milestone of unique proportions. Bahria aims to change the way business activities are created, lived and performed. They are keen to achieve a new milestone through it.

However, investing in Bahria Town is a profitable and smart choice, if you ask us. Don’t go by our word, do the research all by yourself. Property is known to make people successful in the future. So, future millionaires, what do you think about Bahria Town Karachi? Let us know in the comment section below.

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